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RaceTech Brake Disk Temperature Paint Kit

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RaceTech Brake Disk Temperature Paint Kit


The Racetech thermal indicator kit is a much used product within the motorsport industry, particularly suitable for monitoring brake disc temperatures. Each thermal indicator kit contains three colour changing paints, giving a range of 450ºC to 650ºC. Easily applied with brushes and cleaner supplied in each kit.

Brake temperature paint kits offer a quick alternative method for measuring the temperatures of brake discs.

The Racetech Brake Temperature Paint Kit is easy to apply. Just apply a single coat to a cleaned and de-greased surface, it will be touch dry 15-30 minutes. An even coat will give the best thermal mapping.

Paint 1 starts off Green and changes to white at 478° C (892° F)
Paint 2 starts off Orange and changes to yellow at 571° C (1060° F)
Paint 3 starts off Red and changes to white at 640° C (1184° F)